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Masonic Inspiration

Here are some writings, concerning the craft, that I have found inspirational.

I would like to thank Carl Johnson for putting "The Old Past Master" and "The Old Tiler Talks" into electronic form. All I did was to HTMLize them.

"The Old Past Master" can be found in "The Little Masonic Library" (My apologies, I just can't stop plugging this collection). I don't know where you can find "The Old Tiler Talks", I've never seen a copy of it. All the more reason to thank Brother Johnson again!

If you like Brother Claudy's style of writing, "The Little Masonic Library" also contains another gem, "A Masters Wages".

The Old Past Master by Carl Claudy. Here is all of the HTML in one zip file.

(Under construction) The Old Tiler Talks by Carl Claudy. Here is where all of the HTML in one zip file will be.